Grade 11 - Need help with this business class work.

I’m gonna upload a picture of work.


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  • Aly 2 years

    What is your question?

    Nomi 2 years

    They’re in this picture

    Aly 2 years

    Would you like me to answer all of these questions? Is there a textbook you can draw information from?
    Q1: I believe this should be answered by you because, as I understand it, it is asking for your personal definition.
    Q2: Planning, organizing, leading and controlling.
    Q3: Planning allows managers to make effective decisions regarding resource allocation, ensure their projects stay on course…etc.
    Q4: Praise, fairness…etc.
    Q5: You can get some information for sources like this one:
    Q6: Finances, HR…etc.
    Q7: Their roles should correlate to your explanations in Q6.
    Q8: Given the terms in the first question, the leadership types would be autocratic, democratic and laissez-faire. So, use your definition of those terms and list their pros and cons.
    Q9: Different sources have different names for these, so it is best to look at any notes you’ve taken or been given for this one.

    Svati 2 years

    Here are the answers: