Grade 11 - Business class

What type of security system is used to ensure privacy and security of customers when making a purchase online?
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  • Aly 2 years

    What is your question?

    Nomi 2 years

    Topic: Wish Online shopping
    1. Would you patronize this business if you are a customer? Why or why not?
    2. What type of security system is used to ensure privacy and security of customers when making a purchase online?

    Aly 2 years

    Is it possible for you to provide more context regarding the first question? It seems like an opinionated question to me at the moment. Also, could you attach/type out a list of security systems you have learned about, as this information may differ slightly from school to school.

    Nomi 2 years

    This is all our teacher gave us. Our company is Wish and we’re almost done just these two questions (first f, and i) are left

    Aly 2 years

    And there were no other verbal or written instructions on how to answer these questions? If so:
    1. I’m still thinking this is opinionated and you would just have to justify your answer. E.g., (1) no, I wouldn’t patronize this business because they offer me affordable service, (2) yes, I would patronize this business because the prices seem too good to be true and they may being doing illegal things to get their prices so low, (3) I would only patronize them if they gave me a hard time/customer service was not up to standard, etc. I think as long as you properly support your opinion whatever stance you take is justified.
    2. I’m not familiar with the categories of security systems so at the moment all I can think of is data encryption.

    Nomi 2 years

    Thank youu

    Aly 2 years

    No problem!

    Svati 2 years

    1. To answer your first question, it is solely up to you. Patronizing a business means you shop there regularly and buy stuff from them all the time. It can also simply mean you’re a customer of Wish. So now you can think about if YOU would be a regular shopper at Wish.
    You could say yes and justify it by saying that they offer super low prices. Sometimes you get stuff for free and only have to pay for shipping. You could say no and justify it by saying that their goods are sometimes subpar or their delivery takes too long.
    So this question is more of your opinion on Wish as in this scenario you are a customer who is shopping on their website.

    2. For the second one, I am not too familiar with the types of security systems you’ve been taught in your school but if you look on Wish’s website, they give you a detailed description of their privacy policy and the security they provide.
    Wish’s website says, “Accounts are protected by a password for your privacy and security.” But they also say that they cannot guarantee complete privacy and security of the information you provide. So you can talk about the general security systems that many online stores use and then add on by saying that Wish uses passwords to protect the account but also mentions that it is not fully secure.

    If this is for a presentation, you can tie both of those questions together and talk about how Wish has its advantages and disadvantages (advantages being low prices but at the cost of not having too much security)

    Hope this helps!