Hi! Are you in need of extra help for an upcoming test, or perhaps you want to review or learn general class content? Well you are in luck!

MErai now offers paid peer tutoring sessions for grades 4-12 for Math, English, French and Science.

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For those who wish to be in joint classes (tutoring sessions with more than one student being taught by a tutor), please email onlinesupport@classofmerai.com.

No refunds for payments made for the tutoring sessions.


Check out our tutors below!

Michael F.

Grades: 4 – 12

Subjects: Maths, Science, Chemistry,Biology, Advanced functions/Calculus&Vectors/Data Management

Email: franchittomichael@gmail.com

Bio: Hello! My name is Michael Franchitto. I am a Grade 12 Student at Chaminade College School in Toronto, Ontario. I am a driven individual looking to pursue a career in Kinesiology. As someone looking to go into a science-related field, I am all about the STEM subjects. I have 2 years of experience tutoring students in both high school and elementary school in subjects such as Math, Science and French. Before working with MErai, I had the opportunity to co-found and tutor for the Chaminade College Peer Tutoring Club. These opportunities have given me lots of experience with every kind of situation.

Paankhi D 

Grades: 4 – 11

Subjects: Maths, English, Science, Chemistry, Biology

Email: paankhidave@gmail.com


Hello! My name is Paankhi and I’m a current tutor for MeRai learning and a Science Student at McMaster University. I would say one of my studying techniques that has gotten me through school is active recall and asking question whenever help is needed! One of the things I enjoy about tutoring is that I can help others in need and build a strong skill set towards my future.

Charlotte L.

Grades: 4 – 10

Subjects: Maths, English, Science, Biology, French, Art, drama, dance, vocals, social studies

Email: charlottexrl99@gmail.com


I am a highschool senior at Wexford Collegiate School of the Arts. I have been tutoring for over a year both in volunteer and paid positions and it has become something I really enjoy! I speak and an intermediate level of French and can tutor in French as well. My favourite subjects to tutor are English, math, French but I can tutor in any subject up to grade 8. My favourite thing about being a tutor is when a student has a “light bulb moment”. When they understand a concept for the first time, I feel so proud and excited for them. When I’m not at school or working I am either at the dance studio, reading, writing or relaxing at home. I will continue to tutor for as long as I can in the future because I love helping students and I enjoy teaching.

Jasika B.

Grades: KG- 9

Subjects: Maths and Science

Email: jasikabansal05@gmail.com


Hi! My name is Jasika, and I am a student in grade 12. As a student myself, I understand my students’ requirements and use a variety of approaches to guarantee that they fully comprehend the work. My preferred teaching method, however, is interactive and participatory methods. This has been quite valuable in assisting students throughout online school; students may connect and participate in online programs, which pushes them to strive their hardest! I’ve been a tutor for around 3-4 years, and every single one of my students has excelled in their areas of study! Alongside teaching, I enjoy playing badminton, baking, reading, coding (in my free time)!

Simran P

Grades: 4 – 12

Subjects: Maths, English, Science, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, Psychology, Sociology, Law, etc.

Email: simransimpatel1995@gmail.com


I have completed my education at the University of Toronto, with a Bachelors of Science degree. I have been teaching for 7-8 years. I try to employ different teaching techniques throughout my sessions depending on the student’s needs. In my free time, I enjoy singing and dancing.

Sana M.

Grades: 4 – 12

Subjects: French

Email: sana.canada19@gmail.com


My name is Sana and I am going to be joining my first year of university at the Schulich School of Business within the IBBA program. I have over 2 years of experience teaching French and am currently pursuing a French bilingual diploma at Alliance Française. I am a very dedicated tutor and will ensure to enhance your French skills.

Amanda Drakopoulos

Grades: 4 – 12

Subjects: English

Email: amanda.drakopoulos@gmail.com


My name is Amanda Drakopoulos and I am a second year student at Brock University. My favourite subject to teach is English and I teach by motivating and encouraging my students to learn. I pride myself on forming a safe environment for my students so that they feel comfortable in my presence. In regard to hobbies, I enjoy reading, writing and I sometimes act and sing on the side. My future career aspirations include becoming an English teacher because my goal is to impart a passion for reading and writing onto the younger generations. If you choose me as your tutor, it would be my pleasure to make your son/daughter feel right at home.

Nicholas B

Grades: 4 – 12

Subjects: Maths, English, Science, Physics, CHemistry, Advanced Functions/Calculus & Vectors/Data Management

Email: nicholasbiancolin@gmail.com


Hey! I’m Nicholas Biancolin. I’m a first year Engineering Science student at University of Toronto. I’ve been a tutor for over a year, helping a wide range of students across all kinds of subjects. A few fun facts about me: – I’ve got two younger brothers – My strongest subjects are maths, computer sciences, and general sciences like Chemistry and Physics (but not bio! I’ve never been a fan of Bio) – I’ve been playing piano for 11 years – I also work on the side as a mixing engineer and music preparation specialist I love being able to inspire young minds and help them achieve their greatest successes. I’m grateful to have had the opportunities I have as a tutor, and all the experience I’ve gained has taught me so much about working with others, as well as about myself.

Olivia R.

Grades: 4 – 12

Subjects: Maths, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Advanced Functions/Calculus & Vectors/Data Management

Email: oliviaruffolo13@gmail.com


My name is Olivia Ruffolo, and I am attending the University of Toronto next fall for Life Sciences as a President’s Scholar of Excellence. I love sports, reading, volunteering at my local hospital, and exploring new places. I have experience competing in math and science contests, mainly run by the University of Waterloo, and my favourite way to learn or teach is by creating games out of the content.