Short Story: Eid Memoirs From Home, by Ayesha Ahmed

Short Story Contest - Contestant: Ayesha Ahmed I glanced up and around the vibrant room, filled with the warmth of close relatives and faces I recognized since birth, yet not a single drop of chatter. Everyone was so concerned and dedicated to their prayers while seated at the dining table. I skimmed the sight in [...]

Short Story: The Value of Possessions, by Ali Adil

Short Story Contest - Contestant: Ali Adil Have you ever faced an experience that profoundly changed the way you perceived the world and our global community? Most experiences that change an individual's perception happen to be a situation that they have gone through or learned from. My particular experience is an experience that truly opened [...]

Short Story: Swish, by Hanna Grover

Short Story Contest - Contestant: Hanna Grover 2022 1:24 PM  Her phone buzzed and she walked quickly to pick it up.  "Hello mom?"  "Aria, what's wrong? Aren't you at school?"  "Yes but I'm not feeling well, I need you to come pick me up."  She was appalled and held her breath. Aria never leaves school [...]

Short Story: Window Sill Sadness, by Tanishq

Short Story Contest - Third Place Winner: Tanishq I was scared of birds growing up. There were these menacing, gawking ones that would come and sit on the fence in my backyard. The backyard of my home which resided in an aging neighborhood among many similar dim homes of its kind, on a bit of [...]

Short Story: A Coincidence Like No Other, by Abbi Kam

Short Story Contest - Second Place Winner: Abbi Kam It was 9 am on May 12th, the day after Willow Kemp had been released from the hospital. Her mother, Sylvia Kemp, was forcing her to talk with “the most prominent child psychologist in America'' named by the International Journal of Psychology, Dr. P. Lotor about [...]

Short Story: On the Precipice of Us, by Tiffany London

Short Story Contest - First Place Winner: Tiffany London He watched Catherine in the greenhouse, picking up her brush, swirling it in a light, misty colour–almost grey. She always imagined the man on her canvas to have eyes light in colour, but she felt a chill falling down her spine before she could even lift [...]

Investigation of Neural Networks’ Capabilities for Gene Expression Analysis By Hanze (Louis) Wu

1 Introduction  Recent advances in genetic testing have found novel ways of mapping out an indi vidual’s gene expression. Microarrays, biotechnological chips used for creating graphical representations of gene expression levels, are tools that have led to countless groundbreaking discoveries about the human genome. Visualizing the unique and intricate chemical struc ture of an individual’s [...]

New Clinical Trial For Type 1 Diabetes Involving Stem Cells by Lynsey Moses

In 1921, a hormone in our body called insulin was discovered. Insulin is a hormone that regulates our body’s glucose (sugar levels). Type one diabetes is an autoimmune disorder where the body will attack a type of insulin-producing cell called beta cells. The most common treatment for type one diabetes available right now is a [...]

When food eats us?

When you think of a tropical fruit, what comes to mind? Perhaps a mango? A banana? A papaya? Like many people, you might have said pineapple, one of the most recognizable fruits with their crowning leaves and spiky skin. Now imagine yourself eating a sweet and juicy pineapple on a hot summer’s day. Picture the [...]

The Perfect Chocolate Cake, as Defined by Chemistry by Allison Trieu

Since the simplistic, breadlike, honey-sweetened “cakes” of Ancient Egyptian civilizations, humanity’s knowledge of cake-making has evolved into the decadent, frosting-smothered desserts seen in bakeries today. However, in order to truly understand how chocolatey sweets come to life, they must be examined at a chemical level. Only then, would it be possible to create a scientifically [...]